Italy says situation in Red Sea may lead to economic crisis

Author: Allmarinenews
Published: 25.12.2023 13:05

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto believes that the situation in the Red Sea, where armed supporters of the Yemeni rebel movement Ansar Allah (Houthis) have become more active, may provoke an economic crisis, allmarinenews informs referring to ANSA agency.

“I raised the alarm and expressed my concerns two weeks ago and unfortunately they are turning out to be correct because ships are no longer going through the Red Sea, so costs are increasing as they have to go around Africa, insurance costs are increasing. Everyone will feel the consequences later, including in the form of the cost of goods and energy bills. Therefore, we must take action because we cannot afford another economic crisis,” Crosetto noted.

He also explained that Italy has a ship as part of a mission that is already taking place in the region. “Many claimed that we were participating in an American operation. They said incorrect and false things, because to participate in a new operation we need parliamentary permission,” the defense minister added.